Italo-Australian, trail runner and wanderlust, Isotta holds a BA in Russian and International Relations from Queen Mary University of London (2009-2013) and an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Oxford (2014-2015).

She is currently pursuing a PhD on sex work and human trafficking at Leiden University’s Institute for Law, Governance and Society in January 2021. Isotta has 5 years’ experience in research and project management, garnered in Malta and Italy. Her work and interests revolve around issues of SGBV in migration and displacement, and human rights. In the past few years, Isotta has worked as external consultant for a range of organisations, including Save the Children Italy, the WWP EN Network(Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence), Transparency International Italy and the Migrant Women Association Malta. Isotta believes in intercultural dialogue as a force for social change.



Born and raised in Romania, after high school graduation she moved to Turin where she took her bachelor degree in Languages and cultures for tourism and where she started working with several NGOs and traveling companies.

She studied Portuguese in Lisbon for 6 months and afterwards she took her master’s degree in Cultural enhancement of territory and landscape at the University of Milan.

She continued her studies with a post graduate training in European project planning at the Venice International University and one in Digital Marketing at the University of Milan.

Currently she is working in Milan at the Teatro alla Scala and living in Turin but she’s always ready to pack her luggage and travel to and through different places and cultures.



Born in Italy in 1987, she studied Communication, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. She graduated in Public and Political Communication from the University of Turin, specializing in media analysis.

She built her career working in various communication fields, from photography to digital marketing, in several European and non-European countries, before becoming a consultant for ITL Group from the end of 2018. Within ITL Marketing, she is responsible for company communication and Editorial Project Manager for Economia.hu. She is very passionate about gender equality, unconscious biases awareness and inclusive language in communication and marketing.

Besides Italian, she fluently speaks Spanish and English, and she is currently studying Hungarian.



Tiziana Lorusso is a passionate Business English Coach. She has a broad experience of corporate environments, gained within a variety of industries both in Italy and in the UK.  She has a background in Linguistics & Sociolinguistics and she holds a Master Degree in English & German with a Dissertation on African American English at UCLA.

She is enthusiastic about People, Languages & Cultures, which has brought her to live and work in different countries and continents (Europe & Africa). She has recently attended the Train the Trainer+ at GMD Malta and has intensified working on the Intercultural field contributing to raising awareness.

She believes that Communication is key in all aspects of life and she strives to convey this message to her students so as to facilitate their improvement and confidence in communicating with impact, even in their non-native language.

Besides Italian, she fluently speaks Spanish and English, and she is currently studying Arabic.


She strongly believe we become what we think. She considers fundamental  the power of connections. Relationships, indeed, can be the best asset to prove and improve ourselves.
Intercultural diversity is one of the things that have always fascinated her. She’s willing to learn: to deepen cultural peculiarities, to understand their values and to delve into their traditions.
She studied Web Marketing and Digital Communication at the University IUSVE in Venice and in Global Mindset Development she worked as Junior Web Marketer. She developed the strategies and contents to promote all the services and optimize the marketing aspects to achieve a widespread distribution across the web.



Enrico is from Italy and lives in a small town near the city of Verona.
He attended the master degree in Web marketing & digital communication at IUSVE, in Verona.
His priority in this moment of his life is to learn as much as he can, in GMD he saw an interesting company, innovative and up with the times project, in which he grew a lot and gain new competences: from his intercultural communication skills to the improvement of the English language.
Here he worked as Social Media Manager. In cooperation with a team he constantly develop the communication strategy and creating Social Media contents and posts.



Neringa is a Lithuanian Human Rights educator and an expert of Youth, Peace and Development and the Director of Humanity Consulting. She is currently pursuing PhD at SOAS, University of London, where her research focuses on advancing youth participation in the decision making within the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. Neringa has led several forums in Asia, MENA and Eastern Africa, bringing together CSOs, entrepreneurs, activists and institutions (EU, AUC, UfM, ASEAN, Ministries) to facilitate youth-led policy recommendations on Education, Peace and Climate Action. Neringa has previously served at the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, where her work focused on advancing North-South cooperation. She is currently a member of the Pool of European Youth Researchers at the EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership, where she has recently published a Sustainability Checklist on Greening the Youth Sector.



Is the Founder and Executive Director of the African Diversity & Inclusion Center-ADIC, together with John Ssebowa, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering Diversity & Inclusion on the African continent specifically focusing on Women, Youths and Minority groups of people. Ipolito served as the Executive Director of Takao Foundation, an organization focused on serving marginalized communities of Women, Youths and Minorities in areas of Health, Economic Justice and Rights, and fighting against Faith-based discrimination in the Eastern African region. As a network organization, Takao grew under the leadership of Ipolito to include 25 Member organizations spread throughout the region. Prior to this, he served as a team leader for field Officers serving Key Populations (People who easily contract HIV and transmit it to others) specifically Women, Truckers, Uniformed Personnel and Fisher Folks in different parts of Uganda at MARPS Network. Prior to that, he held a leadership position at Out & Proud, a local Community -Based organization based in Entebbe serving the youths as a targeted intervention in the fight against HIV/AIDS.