GMD Goes Global... with you!

We are training Global Mindset Developers that are willing
to be part of our network and help companies, organisations and individuals around the world to work effectively across cultures!

Are you passionate about travel and cultures?

Do you want to develop a curious open mindset and a global perspective?

Are you ready to learn how to transform cultural diversity in a real competitive advantage?

Are you looking for new opportunities in the intercultural field?

Or… are you one of our fans and supporters and you are just curious about what we are up to and would like to be involved?

Train the trainers - GMD - Global mindset Development Malta

Join us on this incredible journey!

We are starting a selection process to train a new group of Global Mindset Developers!

Invest in yourself!

The selected participants will receive:

  1. Train the trainers
  • 6 online 90-minutes training modules

In the training modules we will:

  • share with you all our knowledge and expertise related to the intercultural field
  • explore the cultural dimensions developed by the first pioneers in the field
  • provide you with the more recent studies and research related to cultural diversity, inclusion and innovation

And you will learn our unique Global Mindset Development style of training!

You are free to choose session one, two or three or combine them.

Training 1

Module 1 and 2

Introduction to intercultural training & Stereotypes and conscious and unconscious biases


Training 2

Module 3 and 4

The cultural dimensions & The relationship between intercultural training and DEI


Training 3

Module 5 and 6

How to create and promote your intercultural training – part 1 and 2


2. Mentoring
  • 6 online 60 minutes mentoring sessions

The mentoring is the beginning of your adventure as a Global Mindset Developers.

  • It will be only the two of us to decide what is best for you and/or your organization.
3. Networking opportunities
  • We will offer you not only our experience but, most importantly, our international network of friends and people who have helped us to better understand our world.
  • And it’s not just business! Developing a global mindset and be part of our GMD Network will help you in many aspects of your life so that you will feel at home wherever you will go!

If you are already an intercultural trainer or an expert in the field and you are interested only in the mentoring programme to start working with us, get in touch so we can develop the perfect solution for you!

What's the difference?

There are a lot of good intercultural trainings out there, but what we want to provide here it is not only a valuable training experience. What we would like is:

to have you working with us!

We will give you all our knowledge and expertise but, most important, through the mentoring and the access to our international network you will become a Global Mindset Developer and together we will create your unique path in the intercultural world.

Get in touch!

To apply to the selection process fill in this form

If you have any question and would like to set up a meeting to discuss it further book an info session with our founder, Viviana Premazzi, using the calendar below.

Viviana Premazzi, Founder Global Mindset Development

We can’t wait to have you on board with us!